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Lost in f*ckin’ translation

A very very big shout-out to blogger Jake Adelstein at the Japan Subculture Research Center for pointing out these amazing sales discounts, available at a department store in downtown Osaka, Japan (in Shinsaibashi, right next to Hearton Hotel Shinsaibashi and Planet 3rd cafe, if you’re interested). Thanks also to @jjbw, @emilyknits, and @LettersOfNote, whose tweets brought them to my attention.

When viewing the pictures I nearly fell off my yogaball in amazement at what I saw. Could this actually be real?

20% off everything? Everything?! You betcha!

The authenticity of these sales advertisements (of which more below) has been verified by the people at the JSRC, as described on their blog (please send them your clicks). It turns out that the whole store was plastered with these things. Here are some more: Continue reading


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